Weeks go by and Lghent He is still detained, involved in a case for threats, illegitimate deprivation of liberty and drug possession. The situation has just spread, since Judge Castro gave rise to the request for preventive detention what did the prosecutor do villalbaof the UFI No. 9 of Moreno-General Rodríguez.

According to the Judge, there are “procedural risks” that Elián Valenzuela hinders the investigationand that is why He will remain detained, as he has been since June 6.

The collected charge elements turn out to be concordant with each otherdo not present any indication of mendacity and are directed in syndicate the person named as the probable perpetrator of the illegal actsputting it in circumstances of time, manner and place, in the precise scene of the facts”, reads the ruling.

L-Gante's letter to his family
L-Gante wrote several letters to his supporters and loved ones from jail.

In addition to his freedom, the singer was also denied the change of cover art raised by the defense, although it left open the possibility of a possible moderation of preventive detention, opening the possibility to continue the process from home, with the anklet correspondent.

His lawyer, Pablo merlogrounds for his request that “the requirements of the crimes of deprivation, threats and possession of narcotics are not accredited”, and He asked that he only be charged with simple threats.

The altercation that caused the conflict occurred in a bowling alley in the Bicentenario neighborhood, between the cumbiero’s friends and two municipal employees. According to the complaint, they would have been captive for 23 minutes.

L-Gante’s mother broke the silence after her arrest: “There is politics involved”

“There is politics and there are choices in between”, launched sharp before the cameras the mother of Lghent, Claudia Valenzuela. “There are people that they have eaten from our hand, and with the other they are stabbing you with a dagger”, he assured in dialogue with Us in the morning (eltrece).

Although he avoided giving details regarding who he was referring to, the mother of elian jotted down a message between the lines. “The people who understand my words will take charge; stay calm”. “I will always believe in my son and be by his side”clarified the also actress who is preparing to premiere the children’s play little ones to the rescuetogether with the former Chiquititas nadia di cello.

In this same line he spoke Miguel Angel Prosi, L-Gante’s father and noted: “This is a neighborhood tenement.” The man told the cameras that found out about his son’s raid through Morena Rialsince the Justice did not inform him or communicate with the singer’s mother, to update her on the situation.

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