After some time away from social networks, La Joaqui reappeared to talk about improving her mental and physical health. It is for this reason that all her eyes fell on the images of the rising singer and it did not take them long to find clues about her love affairs.

The truth is that the artist has been single for several months after the separation of Sandro, his last partner. Since then, she has not shown herself to be in love again and has not made references to her incipient bachelorhood.

That’s why Stephanie Berardi commented in Ciudad Magazine: “My source tells me that they would be dating two months ago. It could be said that there are strong rumors of romance.” In this sense, he explained that the person who would have conquered the heart of La Joaqui would be Thiago Almada.

“She disappeared for personal reasons, but a little while ago she returned to social networks and uploaded a photo with the same diver that he was seen wearing. Some of us noticed, but he quickly deleted the photo,” he commented.

The panelist made reference to two photographs shared by the protagonists of this story in which, separately, they are shown with the same garment. The coincidence occurs in a particular black coat with a drawing of a tiger.

The strong coincidence between Thiago Almada and La Joaqui.

After these statements, he showed a screenshot of the last story that the music uploaded and pointed out a small detail to his right. “I don’t know if it’s Thiago in the photo, but it’s the same one that Thiago has. It would be necessary to see if it is his house or if they both share the same image in their respective houses, “she analyzed.

One of the last stories of La Joaqui.

What happened to Joaqui and what did he say in his reappearance?

La Joaqui worried all her followers when she decided to take a break from her rising musical career. After a couple of weeks of introspection and away from the stage, she decided to come back with everything.

From his social networks, where he has almost 4 million followers, he explained how he feels and what he is doing to overcome the stage of anguish he went through: “I feel better, I’m better. I’m doing a lot of therapy.”

It was good for me to be able to take this time to rest to be able to enjoy a little bit of being with oneself, of being with the family. It really helped me feel a lot better, ”she explained to the happiness and relief of his fans.

To conclude, he announced that he will play live again and will reopen his schedule. “One more day is one day less and soon we will be able to see each other again“Said the singer and thanked everyone who cared about her.

The singer explained weeks ago: “Due to traumatic stress reasons, I have decided to take some time to take care of my health and well-being.”. After that brief announcement, she decided to stop giving shows for a while and deleted all posts from his Instagram account.

If you need help, accompaniment or guidance on mental health issues, you can communicate every day of the week, 24 hours a day. Telephone: 0800-333-1665. The lines are attended by Mental Health professionals from the government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

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