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Angela Zilina, 49, and Walid Abzaraf, 64, who have ties to former Prime Minister Tony Blair and his wife Sherry, are asking Judge Mostyn to make a decision related to when their marriage fell apart. rice field.

Zilina, who is from Russia, said her marriage broke down in 2020, said Abu Zaraf, editor of the Palestinian newspaper. Al Qudssaid it broke down in 2013.

A lawyer told Judge Mostyn that his ruling would affect the amount of money Zilina would take away under the premarital agreement, suggesting hundreds of thousands of pounds were at stake.

A judge ruled in favor of Abu Zaraf on Monday after weighing the debate at a recent hearing in the family division of the High Court in London. He said the case was “only about money”. said.

Judge Mostyn suggested the case was unique after hearing that Zilina and Abu Zaraf had claimed over £400,000 in legal fees.

Zilina told the judge how she became involved with the Shelley Blair Women’s Foundation and how she attended the Blairs’ daughter Kathryn’s wedding three years ago with Abu Zaraf.

The judge also heard that Blair and Ivanka Trump, the daughter of former US President Donald Trump, were once among the dinner guests at his home in London.

Judge Mostyn was told how Zilina and Abzaraf got married in 2012.

In 2013, a family court judge granted an order nisi, an order ending the marriage, on Zilina’s application.

However, he was told that decree nishi has never been absolute.This is a move to legally end marriages.

According to Zilina, a settlement was reached in 2014 and the marriage broke up in 2020.

She said the 2013 decree nisi was “now outdated and banal” and should be rescinded and she wants to issue a new divorce petition.

Abu Zaraf told the judge, “We never reconciled,” but only “technically got married.” He wants the 2013 decree nisi to be made absolute.

“On the surface, the wife’s position is bizarre and it is highly unlikely that the facts of this case will be repeated in the future,” Justice Mostyn said in her ruling.

“Why does it matter whether the divorce was filed under the decree of 15 November 2013 or under a divorce order that has not yet been issued?

“The answer is that prenuptial agreements provide increasing levels of provision for wives according to the duration of the marriage (measured in one year from the date of the ceremony to the date of separation).”

Justice Mostyn said, “If the statute were to be revoked and this marriage treated as having lasted eight years, there would be a substantial increase in the level of provision, both in terms of free capital, trust capital, and spousal regular payments.”

He continued: offered; a lump sum of £250,000. An additional spousal maintenance fee of approximately £13,500 per annum is on top of the current existing maintenance fee of £123,000 per annum.

“This is the reason for my wife’s application.

“As she now puts it, it’s not about declaring the real facts to the world. It’s not about correcting false findings about her status. It’s not about correcting public injustice.”

“It’s about money and only about money.”

Justice Mostyn said the evidence was “far from proof” that the findings made on the status of marriages when the decree was granted in 2013 were wrong.

“Evidence shows that both parties had a very flawed marriage, which was rightly relieved of that misery by the creation of Decree Nishi,” he said.

“For unexplained reasons, during the twelve months following the issuance of the order, but before the ‘settlement’, the wife did not apply for the perfection of the order nisi given in her favor. .

“The delay was so puzzling that in November 2014 she and her husband resumed a toxic, harmful and unhealthy relationship that had nothing of the nature of marriage and could hardly be described as marital reconciliation.

“The relationship lasted until it ended in March 2020.

“However, I am completely satisfied that their marriage was irrevocably broken in accordance with government decrees.

“I conclude by pointing out that if there was a true marital settlement between the parties after November 2014, the wife could have filed an application at any time thereafter. Both sides agreed to withdraw.

“The fact that my wife did not make such an application speaks volumes.

“For these reasons, the wife’s application is denied and the husband’s application is granted.”

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Wife lost more than 1.7 million euros as judge ruled in husband’s favor on when marriage ended –

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