Diego Guauque celebrates the treatment that allowed him to overcome cancer. The journalist had a successful surgery, in which they removed the 9-centimeter sarcoma that at the beginning of the year made him stop his daily life and work on the program Seventh day.

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After more than a month after the operation, Guauque continues to go to medical check-ups to confirm that the cancer has left his body.

In addition, now he is very aware of the date of the procedure: May 29. So much so, that he called it a “birthday life”, a day in which she was “reborn”.

“The sarcoma left but it was like those bad guys in the movies that come, they don’t go away on their own and take something away. Now I live with one kidney, I have assimilated it well. I am living the second half and I always asked God for that” , counted for the television program Network.

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Diego Guauque reveals if he will return to television


Instagram: @diego_reportero

During this time he has taken the opportunity to reflect on the busy life he led as a reporter. Even, He revealed that among his plans it is not in the first place to return to television.

“It’s just that, for now, I don’t think about returning to working life. My priority is to heal completely. I still get tired. They just extended my disability for that very reason,” he said in another interview for Week.

At 44 years old, he announced that he will have radiotherapy to complete the treatment of the little-studied type of sarcoma. Even her case has been taken by doctors to international weeklies.

“Of course, I dream of going back to work, but it will no longer be the highest priority. Now it will be to have good health,” he said.

This is how Diego Guauque found out he had cancer

In an interview with EL TIEMPO, Guaque revealed that the malaise began on January 1, 2023. She had just returned from a family vacation in Argentina when, suddenly, intense pain in the right part of her abdomen interrupted his sleep.

Diego Guauque and Alejandra Rodríguez, his wife.


Instagram @diego_reportero

He went to the Clinic and they gave him a medication to reduce inflammation in the colon, but they recommended an ultrasound. That same afternoon he had it done and the doctor who treated him said “here is something strange, a little dough, I don’t like it,” he said.

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In the company of his wife, he visited another doctor, who sent him to the Santa Fe Clinic for emergencies. “I went back to the apartment to pack my suitcase in case I stayed overnight,” he recalled, but what he did not know is that this day would become 12 and would even be admitted to the ICU.

Diego Guauque after surgery.


Instagram: @diego_reportero

“When a circumstance like this happens, it is when one says ‘thank God I have this plan and I can access professionals, a good clinic and good teams. Let’s invest in these processes because that’s the key, let’s not stop at the fact that success in the Life is earning money, having a backpack full of money under the bed in the ICU is useless, it won’t take away the pain, it won’t make a nurse treat you better, we’re all the same there,” he told TIME.

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