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“Can you eat bread with blood on it?” Please.”──. Now, such a message is spreading on Korean SNS. The incident occurred in the early morning hours of October 15. A 22-year-old female worker at a bread factory in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do died after being caught in her upper body while working in a 1-meter high sandwich sauce mixing device. However, after the accident, it became clear that work was continued on the rest of the machines, except for some of the machines for which the Korean Ministry of Employment and Labor (equivalent to Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare) issued an order to stop work. The boycott began with the outburst of anger at the company’s insane response. South Korean media such as JoongAng Ilbo reported. A factory where accidents have continued for years The bread factory where the accident occurred is an SPL bread factory under the umbrella of the SPC Group, a major South Korean food industry, and produces bread dough, bread, sandwiches, coffee, etc. It is said to be the largest bread factory in Asia. The woman who died in the accident worked at this factory to support her mother and younger brother, and she was working with the goal of becoming a franchise owner of the popular SPC bakery chain “Paris Baguette” someday. It says. It was her fellow workers who rescued her right after her accident. They said they tried to rescue the woman by dumping the material that filled the machine. More than 40 workers were on duty at the time of the accident, many of whom were shocked in addition to the colleagues who directly recovered the bodies. Despite this, most of them were put into field work immediately the next day. According to the police’s on-site inspection, it is also clear that this machine did not have a safety device that automatically stops when the cover is opened. In fact, just eight days ago at this factory, a worker had his hand caught in a machine and it took him 20 minutes to get out. Moreover, since this worker is a temporary temporary worker for 3 months, the company staff did not take him to the hospital and said, “Please go to the hospital yourself. I will contact the temporary staffing company.” said. Going back even further, from 2017 to September this year, 37 people were injured in work-related accidents at this factory, and 15 (40.5%) of them were caught in accidents, which was the most common. ===== SPC, a company that has led the Korean bread industry is the largest bakery chain in South Korea, with approximately 3,500 stores in South Korea, two stores in Paris, France, and the United States, China, and Indonesia. In addition, it operates as a Korean licensee for overseas brands such as Dunkin Donuts, Baskin Robbins (Japan’s 31 Ice Cream), and Shake Shack. In addition, SPC Sanrip, which produces mass-market breads sold at convenience stores and supermarkets, has a lineup of character breads that include stickers of Japanese anime characters as a bonus, such as Pokemon bread, Digimon bread, Keroro bread, and One Piece bread. . In addition to anime characters, BTS collaborated with LINE Friends to create character bread for character BT21. In particular, Pokemon bread has been sold six times in the past, but the seventh sale will start in March 2022, and it has become a big hit with sales of 10 million units in 40 days after its release. On the other hand, it is also known that there are many troubles regarding the SPC group. At Paris Baguette, its main business, when the franchise contract is renewed, the owner is forced to pay tens of millions of won for renewal purposes, and stores that do not comply are forced to close. In addition, there is a problem of severe restrictions on franchise owners in weak positions, such as forcing stores in commercial areas with high sales to relocate at the time of contract renewal and forcing other chain stores within the group to open stores after the relocation. In addition, problems have arisen in the manufacturing plants of the products. In 2021, a whistleblower at the Anyang factory of Bialcoria, which manufactures Dunkin’ Donuts products within the group, exposed hygiene problems such as oil from the ventilation hood dripping onto the donut dough. An on-site inspection by the authorities revealed violations of the Food Sanitation Law and non-compliance with HACCP. In addition, Pokemon Bread, which became a big hit, was sold for 860 won online when it was released for the 7th time in March 2022, but due to the flood of orders, the price was raised by 1.4 times to 1,200 won. criticized. This series of problems led to the fatal accident of a female worker at a bread factory in Pyeongtaek. Two days later, on the 17th, the SPC finally issued a statement in the name of chairman Heo Young-in regarding this industrial accident, saying, “I am very sorry that precious lives have been sacrificed at the company’s production site. We will do our best to understand the cause of the accident and take follow-up measures while working diligently on the investigation by the authorities.” On the other hand, SPC issued a press release on the 16th saying, “Paris Baguette has opened a London store and entered the UK market,” criticizing that it may have been aimed at distracting the public from this accident. is rising. In response to these SPC actions, a boycott campaign for SPC Group products has been called for mainly on the Internet. The Internet is flooded with messages such as “a place that sells bloody bread,” “a company that had many problems from the beginning,” and “a company that has grown by throwing away workers.” Not just consumers. The incident has also become a problem in the political world, and President Yoon Seok-yeol expressed his regret on the 16th and instructed him to “find out whether there were any structural problems along with the exact circumstances of the accident.” ing. However, there are many people who are skeptical about whether the boycott movement will spread as a real problem. This is because the SPC Group’s share in the bread industry is so large that it is pointed out that the boycott campaign is telling people not to eat bread. In fact, the buns of many hamburger chains in South Korea are made by the SPC Group. Others say the boycott will hurt Paris Baguette franchise owners and SPC Group workers, such as the woman who died in the accident. Will the boycott campaign such as “NO Pokemon Bread” succeed? Attention will be paid to future movements. ■[Video]Watch “Inside the factory where a female employee died” .

Will South Korea’s “NO Pokemon Bread” start?Boycott of factory accident “can you eat bread with blood”

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