A group of participants competed to fulfill their dreams in the world of acting. For months, they locked themselves in the ‘study house’, a residence full of drama. This was the main plot of the program ‘Protagonistas de nuestra tele’, a reality show produced by the RCN television network.

In 2002, the reality television format entitled ‘Protagonistas de novela’ came out. This version had two seasons in which national television talents such as Ana Karina Soto, Cristina Hurtado, Sara Corrales, Daniel Arenas, José Narváez, among others, stood out.

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In 2010, after an absence of several years, the production returned to the country with a new installment called ‘Protagonistas de nuestra tele’. In this edition, participants such as Cristian Suárez, María Angélica Salgado, Sara Uribe, Manuela Gómez, Óscar Naranjo, Yina Calderón, Edwin Garrido and Elianis Garrido are remembered.

María Angélica Salgado lives from her ventures

María Angélica Salgado won the 2010 edition of ‘Protagonistas de nuestra tele’ with Cristian Suárez. The judges were Alejandra Borrero, Isabella Santodomingo and Sergio Osorio.

After her experience, the Barranquillera woman continued in the world of acting, working on the telenovela ‘Celia’, in which she gave life to ‘Mulata Matanza’, and then she played ‘Candela’ in ‘La esclava negra’.

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Since 2016, he decided to stay away from the television spotlight. Although she continues in modeling and in some dance groups, she fully dedicated herself to her typical sweets venture.

The businesswoman has succeeded with her business Sabor del Palenquein which it sells ancestral sweets of yam, corozo, papaya, mango, pineapple, mongo, three milk, arequipe, sour milk, mamey, banana, coconut, yucca, among other flavors.

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In addition, on weekends, he takes out his position on Calle 63, diagonal to the Universidad de los Libertadores, where it offers little angel buns, egg arepa, triphasic arepa, chicken empanada, meat or coastal cheese, chicha de corozo and carimañola.

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In networks, Internet users congratulate their effort and dedication to move forward. “I congratulate you on your venture, it continues to grow”, “I love homemade sweets”, “I have tried them and they are very tasty”, “Life is going to give you many triumphs” and “I ate and they gave me ñapa”, were some of the comments.

Interview Maria Angelica Salgado

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