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Since the success of the series HPI on TF1, the role of Morgane Alvaro sticks to her skin, Audrey Fleurot could not be satisfied with this sole playground. In the captivating thriller spirit of winter, adaptation of the eponymous novel by Laura Kasischke broadcast on Arte this Thursday, November 10, she achieves a real performance by embodying all in nuances Nathalie, an author in a fragile psychological state, who finds herself stuck in an isolated chalet with her daughter for a long and scary Christmas day. An unexpected and jubilant metamorphosis on which the actress confided.

“I’m tired of being the flamboyant and incendiary of TV!”

Nathalie’s character is different from those you usually play. What attracted you?

First, I really wanted to collaborate with Cyril Mennegun [le réalisateur, ndlr]. Added to this was the desire to make a series for Arte, because the channel makes possible fiction that would never be produced elsewhere. All this was already very stimulating, and on a personal level, there is obviously the feeling of going to a place of play that I had not yet explored. What interests me are the differences, doing things as different as possible. And I liked the very atmospheric atmosphere, spirit of winter is almost a genre series, as we see very few in France.

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It’s the first time we’ve seen you as a blonde…

It was important for Cyril, because I think he links this blondness to a certain incarnation of the actress, of the eternal feminine. Me, I was delighted because I’m tired of being the flamboyant and incendiary TV!

To believe that the directors do not dare to touch your image!

Yes, it’s crazy! While all the other actresses have gone through all the colorings! My freckles were such a handicap for years that it’s strange, now, to be attached only to that. I hope to be more than a hair color. I also do this job for disguises! I have a very childish relationship with comedy.

How much would you be willing to transform for a role?

If the project is canon, I can go pretty far. It would not make me happy to gain 30 kilos because it would be difficult to lose them and it is not without health consequences. But I never wanted to make a career out of relative beauty. I didn’t build myself like that and I come from the theater, where you can just as well play an old man, a dog, a tree… that’s what ticks me off!

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“I’m afraid that people will be bored”

The success ofHPI is colossal. Is this character of Nathalie a way to get away from Morgane?

I really want to keep working next toHPI. I love this role and I would find it hard to live without Morgane. It’s a rare playground. But I don’t want to be confined to just that…

This camera is both bewitching and oppressive. Was this felt on set?

Clearly yes! We shot six weeks in the studio. Without outdoor lighting, you completely lose track of time. It reminded me of when I was doing photography and developing in the darkroom: I no longer knew what day or what time it was. So here, the oppression was rooted in the very structure of the set. In addition, I sometimes filmed alone for days, scenes where I walk in corridors, where I peel potatoes… In those moments, I feel ill at ease, I’m afraid that the people are bored.

Lily Taïeb, who plays your daughter, is almost your only acting partner. How did this meeting go?

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I thought I was going to have to put her at ease, help her relax. But that was not the case at all, everything immediately went well. This gave rise to a real exchange. She is quite fascinating with charisma and self-confidence. I would have liked to have had a quarter of it at his age!

“I dreamed too much of doing this job to be able to say no”

Nathalie has a conflicted relationship with her daughter, and their bonds range from tenderness to violence. As a mother, how did you view her?

I find it important to address the issue of the difficulty in creating a bond between mother and child. It’s very guilt-inducing for women because we’ve been told so much that it was going to be the happiest day of our lives that, when it doesn’t go as planned, we find ourselves very alone. What is interesting in the series is that the arrival of this child impacted his writing and put an end to his creativity, as if there was no place for both. It is crucial to evoke this injunction to have to succeed at all levels: to be an inspired artist but above all without abandoning her family life, while remaining very attractive… It also allows us to question the very desire to have a child. Is this desire our own or is it society that forces us to do so, conveying the idea that a woman is not whole if she is not a mother? These are subjects that I discuss a lot with my friends.

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Spirit of Winter, HPI, Lies, Les Combattantes… You are very present on the screen. Are you ever afraid of boring the public?

I always had the feeling that my career was not going to last. I’ve been playing for twenty-five years, so I could be reassured, but no! I tend to take things when they are there because I tell myself that tomorrow everything can stop, that I must take advantage of my chance now. I dreamed too much of doing this job to be able to say no to projects that I like.

Winter spirit: “I’m tired of being the flamboyant one on TV”… Audrey Fleurot explains her change of look in a captivating thriller from Arte

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