Almost a month after its premiere, Fernando Dente achieved rating peaks, and this Friday, at Noche al Dente, he was a guest on the floor of America TV to the actor Pablo Echarri, who went through his funniest anecdotes, and in the middle of the interview he detailed what his first meetings with his wife and mother of his two children were like, Nancy Dupláa.

“Ft was a concrete fact, we met Nancy in the corridors of Channel 13 when the second version of Montaña Rusa was being made. The first time we worked together was on a film called El desvío and the truth is that we were attracted to each other, we already realized that in that initial meeting” began by telling.

He later explained: “HaveWe knew each other in common who had already given us some directives, and we had a meeting and although each one was with their partner at that time, there was an attraction“. Later, the actor confessed that in order to get closer to Nancy, he convinced the director of the film they are working on to modify the script a little: “I asked the director that they show that something had happened (in the film), then I was embarrassed over time, but they gave me a ball because the scene made sense” hill.

The love story of Pablo Echarri and Nancy Duplaá

During the year 2000 when Pablo Echarri and Nancy Dulplaá They were the protagonists of “Los buscas de siempre”, one of the most successful novels of those times that was broadcast on channel Nine. The fictional characters lived a fiery secret romance. And it seems that the chemistry between the two went beyond the screen.

At that time the actress was pregnant with Lucathe son he had with Matias Martin, from which he separated two months later. The actor, for his part, was going through his early days after his breakup with Natalia Oreiro. Things were beginning to take shape so that the future finds them together.

The most painful topic was the context in which it was invented, which was that of a pregnancy, a postpartum, when one is sensitive. My parents suffer a lot with all this. In addition, Pablo had separated, he was burdened with his own fame and his personal situation.al”, he explained duplaá after facing various rumors of infidelity.

The truth is that echarri he had set his sights on her long before he met her personally: “I am hopelessly in love with Nancy. I liked her before I met her, when I saw her in ‘Montaña Rusa’ and I was absolutely moved. I always had in my heart that desire to meet her, knowing intimately that one day she was going to cross my path ”.

Despite this stormy start, the actors managed to form one of the strongest couples in show business. They are about to celebrate 22 years as a couple, they have been married for 15 years and they formed a true blended family: LucaI know her previous relationship, she was added Brunettewho is already 18 years old, and Julianof twelve

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