the vice president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner claimed this thursday “National unity” for “lay aside” the program agreed between the Government and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). She did it before a crowded Plaza de Mayo that asked her to be a candidate for the Presidency. “One more and we don’t fuck anymore”their militants cried while she offered her speech, loaded with criticism against the multilateral credit organization, the Supreme Court, the opposition and the media, but without electoral definitions.

“If we do not manage to put aside this program that the IMF imposes on all its debtors and allow us to develop our own growth, industrialization, and technological innovation program, it will be impossible to pay for it, no matter what they say. ”manifested before thousands of people gathered in the Plaza de Mayo.

The vice president was the main speaker at an event held on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the assumption of Nestor Kirchner for president. In the box, with his back to the Casa Rosada, was also the Minister of Economy and leader of the Renovation Front, Sergio Massaand the main referents of the “hard core” of Kirchnerism, including the Minister of the Interior, Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro.

The presence of the two officials, one standing next to the other, It was read as a gesture of unity between Kirchnerism and Massismo. The presidential candidacy of “Wado” has the blessing of Cristina and Massa does not want to run if there is a single list. The photo between the two ministers would be the first after the advancement of an agreement to agree on a formula. Deputy maximum kirchner It would be the guarantor of the pact that is being made to unite the Frente de Todos in the face of the October elections.

The main absentee from the act was the president Alberto Fernandezwho was not invited and went to the coastal city of Chapadmalal after participating in the traditional Tedeum Metropolitan Cathedral for the national date of May 25.

Cristina against the IMF

During her speech, the head of the Senate assured that the loan granted by the multilateral organization to the government of the former president Mauricio Macri in 2018 it was “a political loan” and therefore must be redefined by the “policy”. And he remembered that Néstor Kirchner “He said that the dead do not pay the debt”.

He also marked that the “institutions” of the Argentine Republic “They are not there to take care of the interests of corporations” but “the interests of all Argentines” and asked for an investigation “Debt” already “their managers”. “A few days ago we learned about a report from a constitutional body and there are some who pretend to be otarios and then spend their time talking about democracy, republicanism and the Constitution. Let’s investigate the debt and those responsible”urged when recalling the report of the General Audit of the Nation (AGN) known days ago.

“They think that they will be able to pay it only with ‘commodities’ and no, forget it, because the ‘commodities’ end up also regulating financial flows and they always accommodate you so that you continue to owe. National unity is essential in the face of this. It was a political loan and politics must also be the solution”he stressed.

In March 2022, The Government of the Front of All signed an agreement with the IMF to refinance loans for some 45,000 million dollarsthrough a program of extended facilities that includes goals regarding fiscal discipline, accumulation of monetary reserves, and limits on monetary issuance.

Up to now, four quarterly reviews of the agreement have been carried out and the country is going through severe fiscal imbalances, exacerbated by a drought that is hitting its agricultural sector and has made it more difficult to meet those goals. In fact, both parties are currently discussing the terms of the agreement, through talks that the IMF has described as “constructive”.

During the event, while Fernández de Kirchner explained that the IMF program must be “Left aside” to elaborate their own program of growth, the militancy shouted in chorus “homeland yes, colony no”. The vice president also claimed that the credit agency “stop wanting to direct politics and close the industrialization of the country and become only suppliers of raw materials”.

“We are 46 million, raw materials are not enough, we have to incorporate value and technology so that there is quality work and good wages, what the country needs. It can be done because we did it for 12 and a half years. Thanks to the ‘kukas’ we also recovered Vaca Muerta”He stated and added: “It is not a sin to pay good salaries, on the contrary”.

Cristina on the economic situation

During his analysis, he maintained that the country “You cannot continue to be tied to a primary economy and international prices, even if it rains or shines”so he proposed to give a “Qualitative leap, articulating the public and the private”. “This is the discussion that we Argentines need and not the bullshit we hear every day on television”raised the former president.

Along these lines, Fernández de Kirchner pointed out that when his government ended in 2015 “We left a country much better than the one we had received” and when “we came back in 2019” Argentina was “indebted in dollars again”.

“Everyone knows the differences that I have had and that I have. I said that there was going to be growth and we had to take care that four quick ones did not take it away and it happened that four quick ones are taking it “, said the vice president as distancing herself from the management of President Alberto Fernández. And then she again pointed to the previous management: “Even with differences, this government is infinitely better than another Macri government would have been, I have no doubts”.

The vice president pointed out that when Kirchner came to power 20 years ago, the country’s GDP was 164,000 million dollars, a figure that rose to 647,000 million dollars when she handed over the government on December 10, 2015. To then point out that with Macri , the GDP fell to 447 billion dollars as of December 10, 2019, that is, 200 million less. Currently, the GDP recovered to reach 633,000 million, but she explained that this growth did not come hand in hand with income distribution.

“The pressing problem we have today is the distribution of income. To distribute income many times you have to put an ugly face on the powerful. Why do they think they hate me, persecute me and outlaw me? Because I will never be one of them, I am from the town and from there I do not move “he concluded.

Cristina against the Court

Fernández de Kirchner took advantage of the act to attack the Supreme Court with harsh criticism and ask all political parties to modify the country’s highest court. “The renewal of that democratic pact is finally necessary. Return to give the country a Judicial Power that is evaporated among the tricks of a clique unworthy for Argentine history “he stressed.

At the end of her one-hour message, Cristina Kirchner said: “Believe me that the Court that Néstor asked to impeach him, next to this truly unworthy jerk that we have today… The things that are known and that we find out every day were never said to any member of the Court”.

“Please, it doesn’t matter if you are a jurist of one orientation or another, but the Argentines deserve to have a Court that is called as such without turning red. Please I ask all political parties. He is the image of the country too ”said the former head of state.

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