Taína Gravier celebrated her long-awaited fifteenth birthday last night. The daughter of Valeria Mazza (51) and Alexander Gravier (60) celebrated with a super party with more than 200 guests in La Barranca, the Gravier home in Acassuso. In the mega garden of the property, which has a large pool, they set up a tent and a dance floor where all the fun happened.

in dialogue with PEOPLEThe designer Cynthia Kern, in charge of the Kosiuko brand, told how it was to put her stamp on the second outfit that the birthday girl chose. “She wanted a white jean With all custom that our brand garments have”, he explained. “She loves it, she wears those same jeans”, detailed.

The second design that Taína Gravier wore, a crystal-embroidered low-waist top and pants, signed by Cynthia Kern

However, he expressed that it was an exclusive design, since in addition to doing it in the tone he requested, he added customized stones, “iridescent, faceted, divine.” “We also made her a matching blazer and shorts too, with another fabric, and a top“, he commented.

Taína Gravier complemented her second outfit with Texan boots and a fluffy hat.

Undoubtedly, she was in charge of giving it her special and relaxed touch, even more towards the end of the party: a fluffy hat and silver Texan boots.

The silver Texanas, one of the accessories chosen by Taína Gravier

The day Britney Spears chose to dress by Kosiuko, Cynthia Kern’s brand

Cynthia Kernthe creator of Kosiuko, recalled when Britney Spears (41), in the prime of her career, chose to wear the brand’s designs.

It was more precisely in 2001. In the video overprotected she wore a dress that we had sent her, we didn’t even think she was going to choose it as the icon of her video! Was at her best, with her very rocker hair, all modern, sexywith a dress that was with some fabrics that we sublimated and we put on it like some plastic appliqués. It was very modern for that moment,” Kern recalled.

Taína Gravier’s first dress: this is how the design was created

For her big night, Taína Gravier wore an exclusive design of Benito Fernandeza close friend of the family –also known for dressing royal characters such as Maxima Zorreguieta–.

The Taína Gravier dress, an exclusive design by Benito Fernández, hanging in the living room of La Barranca, the family home that hosted the long-awaited super party.

The design of the dress had a sweetheart neckline, embroidered in the shape of a honeycomb. The irregular skirt had several layers of natural silk chiffon and silk muslin.

Taína Gravier with Benito Fernández.

This is how Taína Gravier, the daughter of Valeria Mazza, prepared for her 15th birthday

backstage, Valeria Mazza and Taína Gravier were styled by Diego Impagliazo and made up by poly martinezunconditional friends who have worked for 30 years with the Argentine model.

Poli Martínez made up Taína Gravier.
The preparations for Taína Gravier, combed by Diego Impagliazo.

Photos: courtesy Omar Díaz and Horacio Pérez/Bruno Arougueti HP-BA

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