Shakira (46) became one of the most coveted singles and the truth is that she is linked to all the men who approach her. However, Just one year after the separation from Gerard Piqué (36), he returned to Barcelona and surprised with various gestures that would seem to indicate that he is starting a relationship with lewis hamilton (38), Formula 1 driver.

Although they were already seen together taking a yacht ride, the Colombian made headlines every time she approached the racetrack, almost following the competition around the world. Almost a month ago, she was seen at the Miami Grand Prix with Tom Cruise. In fact, it was revealed to the press that the Mission Impossible actor was very interested in conquering Shak.

Although the races become relevant again, it is increasingly common to see Shakira in the Pits. In the photo, together with Tom Cruise in Miami (Photonews)

But far from all the bluffing, it looks like she was accompanied by the bass. But now, She is ready to start showing herself publicly with who would be her true love in recent months.

Just a few weeks ago they met at the Cipriani Downtown luxury restaurant in New York, and witnesses say they chatted for a long time, laughing and knowing looks. Later, the motorist and the singer went for a yacht ride with her children, Sasha and Milan.

The images of the walk that were known, made it clear that Shakira is much better and calm, with a big smile on her face. Her fans, pussies: they hope that the singer, like her ex-husband, will be able to put her love life back together soon.

From the accumulation of coincidences to the rumors there are only a few days, and not to mention when the protagonists of the romance of the moment suggest that there is something more between them. The other day, the pilot shared an image of him surfing, the same thing that she did almost simultaneously on her social networks. Everything would indicate that it was an adventure they had together. As if that were not enough, some crossed likes were given away.

To all this is added the statement that he shot, almost without hiding the situation at all: “I need to find myself a Latina.” It would only be necessary for them to make it official on Instagram. And, as the rhythm of the situation comes, it could happen at any time.

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