Silvina Luna, Ximena Capristo and Gustavo Conti met inside Gran Hermanor more than 20 years ago. There, they formed a great friendship that lasts to this day. In this sense, the actress dedicated a few words to her friend, who is experiencing complications in her health condition.

Have faith because the doctors with the help of God will heal you. Therefore we ask in all prayers. Amen“, shared Capristo, through an Instagram story. In fact, both Ximena and Gustavo Conti visited Luna several times at the Italian Hospital.

“Let us pray, ask for her, let us donate blood. God has to give him strength to be able to continue. The world upside down. She dying and the murderer continues with a completely normal life with arrogance, sarcasm and full of cynicism”, he had written, on June 29.

Ximena Capristo’s message for Silvina Luna.

In the last few hours, it was learned that the medical group that is handling his case Consider doing a tracheostomy so she can breathe on her own.

Silvina Luna: the doctors tried to remove the respirator without success

Silvina Luna remains hospitalized in the Italian Hospital since the beginning of the month, when they discovered him an infection due to a powerful bacteria resistant to antibiotics, to the point that to attack it, doctors prescribe between 8 and 10 medications.

They tried again to remove the respirator, but had to back down because has no strength to breathe without mechanical assistancerecounted Ángel De Brito on his Twitter account.

The official updates on her health are brief and reserved, since Silvina’s brother, her only direct relative, decided so. The last medical part was known on Monday: “Currently, she continues on mechanical ventilation, is awake and with stable vital signs. She will remain hospitalized in the Intensive Care service, where additional studies will be carried out and the necessary treatments will be provided,” the statement read.

It turned out that their cultures were negative.which improves his picture from the infectious side: “that’s good news“, confirmed William Capuya (MN 65404).

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