New revelations have been made about the life of the soccer star Peleon behalf of xuxaa former children’s entertainer, who in the documentary Reina de los Bajitos, recounted infidelities about her relationship with him.

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The Brazilian star said that it was time to reveal all the details of her life in this documentary that will be released this Thursday, July 13. In this documentary Xuxa will tell secrets of her more than 30 years of artistic career.

Pele’s secret life

Xuxa told how her relationship with the footballer was, who died last December due to an illness.

For example, Xuxa talks about how she was able to explore her sexuality at 17 when she was in a relationship with Pelé.

“I was already known as a sex symbol and I was actually a virgin. I didn’t feel comfortable being in that position. Besides, I didn’t know myself. It’s not easy to look sexy in photos if you don’t know what that is. I wanted to lose my virginity immediately. It was weird, it wasn’t great. It was in my car, a very difficult situation. Later, I met Pelé, and all my discovery was with him,” he confessed.

The stadium is renamed ‘Pelé-Fifa Zurich Stadium’.

Xuxa clarified that Pelé was surprised to see his inexperience in sex: “He told me that he couldn’t believe that he hadn’t done this or that. And really, with him it was my first sexual relationship, because it was the first time I had sex with a man as it should be”, he recalled.

More details

Pelé was 39 years old and had just divorced his first wife, Rosemeri Cholbi, when he began his relationship with Xuxa.

She also recounted the complicated aspects of that relationship, such as the version that their relationship was open.

“That’s why he invented that we had a ‘colorful friendship’ and I, at 17, repeated it. He told me that women flirted with him, but when he was having sex he thought of me,” he said. .

“I had to accept the betrayal without wanting to. It was not an open relationship. I didn’t have the right to do anything, but he could, because he was Pelé. And since he was my first man, I couldn’t compare him to realize that it wasn’t healthy,” added Xuxa.

In the documentary he also tells details of their first meeting. “During a rehearsal for the cover of a magazine. There were four models, Luiza, Marcia Brito, me, and there was supposed to be a black woman, but he didn’t want to. At that moment they put Miss Brazil, who came from Brasilia. In the photo, I went out in front of him. He invited me to dinner, I told him that I couldn’t because I lived far away and that I was a minor. Then he called my house and my father hung up thinking it was a joke, but then he ended up accepting, “


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