This Friday on the show brito angel by america tvshowed a strong discussion that Yanina Latorre kept up with Luis Majulwho is currently the owner of the radio station where both she and Viviana Canosa in their respective programs, and in THE M The little angel recounted in detail how the situation occurred.

The panelist was not far behind and pointed against the journalist: “Everyone agreed with me. Was strong. I was about to leave. I wanted to go!. Majul has this thing that he entered a world, I understand, with Viviana and me that we’re screwed… There’s a humorous thing, but no, but he’s still a guy who makes more political, serious programs and he’s not used to going there and come from humor and the serious and there are things that are not funny, “he explained Yanina

“He didn’t tell me anything, but, since it was taking those three those three minutes, he asked my producer for my routine and began to sell my entire routine. The truth is that when I was in the car listening to those three minutes I began to get a I hate it and I started writing to him on WhatsApp, ‘Stop reading my routine’, see if I have a primacy or I want to impact my audience,” she explained very angrily Yanina Latorre.

Estefi Berardi denounced Yanina Latorre and Fede Bal’s ex, Sofía Aldrey, for spreading their alleged chats

Estefi Berardi He unleashed the controversy again when he got up live from the apartment of THE M (America), due to its legal dispute with Yanina Latorre. It is that, several weeks after being designated as the third in discord in the unexpected separation of Sofia Aldrey and Fede Balthe journalist sued the actor’s ex-partner and his partner on the panel.

As reported on his Twitter account brito angel, Aldrey would have agreed with Estefi Berardi on the subject of leaked chats. “Fede Bal’s ex Justice does not know the chats that Intruders showed“wrote the driver THE M.

“Miss María Sofía Aldrey appears expressly and clearly that the named is unaware of the chats and messages broadcast in the Intruders programas well as the way in which they came into the hands of the production or management of the Intruders program,” he later added, according to what the document indicates.

In addition, as he implied, the young woman would have denied having any kind of conversation with Marcela Taurus during the broadcast of the television cycle of America:”He had no interference in the statements made by Ms. Tauro in said programwhich he was unaware of, until he took cognizance of the present cause and observed the content thereof”.

Finally, he added: “This complaint stated that it ignores the way in which the chats in question have been obtained, those that are attributed to me, for their subsequent public dissemination in the Intruders program.” Aldrey’s statement would agree with Estefi Berardi, who assured that the leaked chats between her and Bal are false.

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