He influencers Yeferson Cossio and the model Carolina Gómez dazzled on social networks with the photos of their last trip to the providence island In the Caribbean sea.

The couple, who made their relationship official earlier this year, showed their followers through Instagram the wonderful places they visited during their stay in the paradisiacal Colombian territory.

In the account of the paisa that already accumulates more than 10 million followers, you can see the memories of the journey he made with his girlfriend and other colleagues who belong to your work team.

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Between boats, diving and climbing the highest mountain on the island, the people of Antioquia enjoyed the most emblematic sites of the region. At least that’s what Cossio showed, with a photo from a summit, dressed in shorts and with open arms, while he turned his back to the sea.

“At 40 meters deep, with sharks in the ocean and also at the top of its highest peak, Providencia was a lot of fun, the content creator noted in the description of his post.

However, the most amazing thing about his stay are the videos he shared of the wonders he saw while diving in the ocean. Reefs, goldfish, manta rays, and even electric eels They were some of the marine species that the paisa recorded with his diving Reflex camera.

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However, it seems that one of his favorite moments during the trip was the ephemeral encounter he had with two nurse sharks -common in the area- and that he did not miss out on recording them.

Similarly, the model carolina gomez He also let his followers know that he was on the islet with a ‘reel’ of photographs in a bathing suit in the water that did not go unnoticed.

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In addition, Gómez made it clear that their relationship is going “from strength to strength” by publishing a post with Cossio where they are kissing in the middle of the sea. Post that she received several compliments, after her courtship was criticized by the followers of the paisa, after ending the 10-year relationship that she had with the influencer, Jen Muriel.

“Beautiful and she is precious, all women are beautiful, I don’t know why they criticize so much”, “They look cute, I don’t understand how it affects others” and “Suffer burning, they enjoy”, were some of the comments of followers who support the couple.

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