Yeferson Cossio is one of the influencers best known in the country thanks to his comedic videos and practical jokes that helped him position himself at the top of the content creation industry. For this reasonhas accumulated an audience that exceeds 30 million followers on all its digital platforms, being one of the internet personalities with one of the highest rating flows.

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As usual, the man from Antioquia shares some of the aspects of his love, family and personal life on his social networks, where he performs constant dynamics to be able to talk to his fans. In fact, until a few weeks ago it was known that he is establishing a loving relationship with Carolina Gómez, model and also digital creator.

A fact that caused a stir on digital platforms, since it is the first official love affair that has been known since He ended his courtship with Jen Muriel after almost 10 years of union. However, he was linked to Aida Victoria Merlano for a few months, but finally his attempt remained in rumors.

Will Yeferson Cossio be a dad?

After several months of relationship with Gómez, the couple has been quite commented on by Internet users, due to to the rumors that have been circulating about the possible pregnancy from the content creator paisa. Gossip that has come from the same Cossio family with somewhat risqué comments.

This, after the last publication that ‘Yef’, as his relatives call him, uploaded to his Instagram profile, where he is seen with his partner in outfits referring to two well-known characters from the world of anime: Kirito and Asuna.

in the comment boxBoth Cintia and Gisela Cossio, her sisters, left reactions that set off alarms of the more than 10.5 million followers that the influencer has on that social network.

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“Congratulations, I want you to notice it now. 🐣” and “About time.😇🐣”, said the women, causing the interest of netizens, who also wanted to be part of the conversation, they even remembered Muriel and even tagged her in the post.

“He never wanted children with Jenn, you didn’t see a video where he asked her to marry him and he was sorry”, “he said he didn’t want to be a father. It seems that they did not know about this from social networks”, “Jen did not get pregnant because she did not want to” and “Cintia wants a nephew now… well congratulations (sic)”, were some of the comments.


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