Yeison Jiménez is a Colombian popular music singer and composer., known for hits like ‘My revenge’, ‘No longer my love’, ‘A dog in love’ and ‘Aventuro. In 2021, he was a jury member of the “Yo me llamo” program on “Caracol Televisión” and has stood out for his extensive career, which has positioned him as one of the great interpreters of the ranchero genre.

In a post on his Instagram account, Jiménez wanted to make a dedication to his wife for her birthday; However, it was not what he expected, as several of his followers criticized him for his message and called it “simple and unemotional.”

In order to send a message to the woman he loves, he shared a photo on his account with the description: “Today the queen of the house has a birthday. God bless you, love, may you have many more birthdays. Malgeniada.”

The image received many positive comments. Most of the followers congratulated them and wished them the best, some even graciously assured that it was normal for wives to be “ill-tempered”.

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“Daddy, they are all equally bad-tempered, but that’s love”, “That’s how women are, mine fights me for everything”, “Fortunately mine isn’t bad-tempered”, “What woman isn’t bad-tempered”, ” Even if they are brave, we love them” and “Blessings for that woman”, were some of the reactions from Internet users.

However, one of the comments published by one of his followers was accompanied by a strong scoldingbecause he questioned the singer for not having congratulated his real wife, who, according to the message, was the woman who was there “when everything was wrong.”

“And his real wife, the one who accompanied him when everything went wrong?” Said the user.

Given this, Jiménez did not remain silent and assured that she is the same woman who has accompanied him for 10 years, of the 12 that have been in his career.

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“She accompanied me when I was very young and we both left school. But I have been here for almost 10 years, so there is no real one, she is the one who has been with me for 12 years in her 12-year career,” replied the artist.

On the other hand, some netizens criticized the short message for one of the most important women in his life. “It couldn’t be more expressive”, “Very cold message for a wife who deserves all your love for so much endurance”, “I don’t even love you or I love you” and “She definitely fell short of words”, were some of the comments.

He is a singer of the popular genre.


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The interpreter of ‘How it hurts’, in another part of the post, responded to another user for criticism: “If you feel like writing a Bible on networks to show off love, I feel like writing something short and speak in private”.

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