Yina Calderón is one of the most popular and controversial content creators nationwide. Since she rose to fame thanks to ‘Protagonistas de Nuestra Tele 2013’, she has not left the radar of the public and the media.

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The young woman from Huila has known how to stay current with her work on social networks, but also with her business of shaping girdles and her foray as a guaracha DJ. Her overwhelming personality has also helped her to become involved in controversy in every project she starts.

Recently, through her Instagram stories, the influencer revealed that she was looking for the father “Chucho”, who is recognized in the country for his time on different television programs, such as “Cure for the Soul”. .

“Imagine that I am going to see Father Chucho. I’m going to drop him off at the church, we’re going to go look for him,” Calderón began by saying on camera.

This time I got out of my body, I saw my boyfriend and myself sleeping

The reason for her visit is that, for a few weeks ago, the content creator has been experiencing some paranormal situations. According to her story, an entity climbs on top of her and harasses her while she sleeps, without her being able to move or oppose.

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“My boyfriend says that what is happening to me is because I am playing with God. Sometimes I promise that I will not drink again, and I drink. It’s not about that. What I really have is a supremely serious problem. I had told them that something got on top of me and harassed me, ”Yina explained to his followers.

Although users had warned him that he could be a victim of incubi (demons that sexually attack a victim when he sleeps) or succubi (demons that attack their victims to absorb their vital energy), Calderón believes that it could be something else. Now, in addition to being stalked by something strange, she can “come out of her body.”

“I know that to your ears it will sound like ‘this old woman is crazy.’ She was sleeping with my boyfriend and she got on me. I feel like I’m awake but I can’t move. But this thing that gets on me starts to grope me. Normally I start to pray, I do the creed and that helps me a lot. But this time I got out of my body, I saw my boyfriend and myself sleeping,” she said.

Yina Calderón is one of the most controversial influencers in the country.


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And he added: “Then we flew out the window of my house. I was passing over the spa that was near my house, when suddenly we took a lot of turns and I woke up (…) Mine is already advanced ”.

As a result of the “paranormal” events that she has experienced, the influencer from Huila decided to go in search of her father “Chucho”, because he believes that he can help her get rid of the entity that is tormenting her. “If you can help me with any suggestion, I know it sounds strange, but what I am telling you is true,” she added.

The content creator confessed to her followers that she fears for her safety and that she is even afraid to go to sleep. For her, what is happening to her is not related to a dream, but to a paranormal phenomenon.

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