The native businesswoman from Huila, Yina Calderón has once again caused a stir on social networks, since He launched his new guaracha song with a very particular component. The melody is one already well known by Latin Americans and Spaniards: the Aserejé.

This song was originally performed by the musical group Ketchup, who with their famous steps put an entire generation to danceto replicate their choreographies and their unmistakable sound.

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That’s why, Yina Calderón adapted the famous musical theme to the guaracha style through a music video in which she and her family play very particular characters recreating comical situations. while his own version of the song Aserejé plays.

Through his social networks, Calderón began to promote their music video clip that has been massively replicated through these media. This is not the first time that the businesswoman has released her own versions of already established musical themes such as ‘Sálvame’ or ‘Cómo duele en frío’.

As often happens with each movement of Calderón, his followers and his detractors expressed their opinion on his new topic.

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Some comments highlighted the originality of the singer and the way in which she develops spontaneously in the video, highlighting that he never pays attention to his critics and always does things no matter what they say.

“What a beautiful video, you are a great example of an enterprising woman and a riot”, “This is cool, I love Yina and her family that attitude no matter what they say”, “This family is very close, they get a 10 together and they are from a self-esteem that many would like to have” and thousands of comments that highlight his courage and originality.

On the other hand, there are those who strongly criticized it“They have no respect for anything and now since they expose the child to public ridicule, that is not done, you are the biggest ballots in Colombia, but the child should be left out of that” “”Not even the Aserejé left ”, ”Baby but what is the need to damage a musical icon, this is noise pollution”, reads among the comments.

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