The panelist Natalia Weber faced the journalist Flavio Azzaro live, in the broadcast of American breakfast (América TV) for the statements he had about Mauro Zarate and his move from Club Atlético Vélez Sarsfield to Boca Juniors. During a talk, the model did not miss the opportunity to claim him face to face flavio having treated her husband as a “pesetero” and “mercenary” after leaving Vélez Sarsfield to join Boca.

First, he began by saying, “Many lie, they have fruit, they believe they have impunity to talk about players and here we have one ahead.” Then he continued, “You’re a lousy, you don’t have to be in the media. A disaster. My husband just changed clubs, there’s nothing wrong with him.”

Natalie Weber deposed Flavio Azzaro.  Photo file.
Natalie Weber deposed Flavio Azzaro. Photo file.

“You said that Vélez had given money to Mauro’s father. Then you said that he was a jerk, a mercenary, a bad guy, a bad friend, a bad husband… It’s all on the tapes. I had the best with him, until suddenly suddenly there was a feast when Mauro went from Vélez to Boca”, continued the panelist.

And he added: “You had no idea, because you were not in any meeting when Mauro signed in Boca. You have no idea when Mauro said no to Vélez… You and another mercenary had a feast with Mauro”.

Natalie Weber told how it was the day a friend tried to seduce her husband Mauro Zárate

natalie weber was as a panelist American breakfastthe television program Pamela David. One of the main themes of the television show America was the “treason” of Gianinna Maradona to Jimena Baronhis ex-friend, when getting engaged to daniel osvaldothe father of her child.

I’m on the show and I’m checking the cameras. I check everything like my husband’s schedules“He began by saying Weber about the mistrust she has for her husband, Mauro Zarate. When she was explicitly asked why, she shot: “If I trust Mauro? No. I affirm and I swear 100% that no.”

Then, she commented that a while ago a friend wanted to seduce her husband. “The day this sequence happened in which she was misplaced and told her ‘I love you’ and that she left what else, I was there three or four meters away,” she began by saying. Then, she added: “You were there too”, pointing to Pamela David.

“She clearly did not fall in love, she went and told him ‘I love you’. But that was not love, for there to be love, there must first be attraction,” he said, trying to talk about the conflict between Baron and Maradona not to talk about her. However, she didn’t get it because they kept asking her.

“I saw the situation and it seemed strange to me, I asked him if he was okay and he told me to leave,” he said. Then he added: “She didn’t tell me in the car, but she did tell me the next day. I immediately called her and cut off all ties. This happened about four years ago, but that’s it. It doesn’t matter, I don’t want to talk anymore about the topic”.

Finally, when asked who her friend was, she said she did not want to say her name and insisted that they not try to guess because “she was not famous.” The one who tried the most to get information out of her was Pamela Davidwho was supposedly present at the party, but did not remember it.

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