Yanina Latorre told last night in LAM (America) who met by chance More Rial, and revealed the dialogue they had. “He told me tremendous things: he enrolled in college, but he couldn’t tell me what he’s going to study. It is more alive than hunger“, he said between laughs.

When asked what she meant by the panel, she explained: “When he told me he was 24, I told him ‘you’re alive. You enrolled in college because until you’re 25, if you’re a student, your dad has to support you‘. She doesn’t want to work.”

This information comes weeks after a scandal broke out between More and his father, Jorge Rial. After the heart attack that the journalist had in Colombia, she got closer and even agreed to move to Buenos Aires to be close to her, but everything got complicated when he cut off her financial support far from her true home, in Córdoba. In the middle, cross accusations and the appearance of her biological parents.

“Give up everything on one condition: a house in Córdoba and an aesthetic that he has chosen and separated there that is worth 70 thousand dollars, which according to her is a change for her dad. She says that with that she never mentions him again and said that she has a lot to talk about. He does not want to know anything more with him and he does not want to reconnect”, he assured.

“Morena told me that it rotted, that he wrote a letter in his own handwriting to his father in which he told him to end the relationship forever”, she raised, very sure of her information.

Jorge Rial spoke about the possibility of requesting custody of his grandson and Morena reacted: “I am no longer afraid of you”

Jorge Rial (61) continues in conflict with his daughter, Morena (24). The comings and goings continue to be media, and in THE M (America) revealed that the journalist has a plan to obtain custody of his grandson, Francesco.

Everything arose during the visit of stellite ventura, who said he was afraid that the journalist would go after More’s son in order to hurt him. “I hope I’m wrong. He is so close to the baby’s father. He first said everything, but today he is a friend. Instead of putting out the fire, he pours gasoline on it”, he marked, with some fear for the future of Francescowho is 4 years old.

Added to this feeling was the data he had Yanina Latorre in the hand: “Jorge he is very angry because the baby is not going to the garden. Now Jorge is allying with Facundo and his mother to act legally on Morena regarding the baby,” he said.

The strategy would be to “claim that he has emotional problems, to declare insanity as he did the other time.” “It goes for everything. He has already arranged it with Béccar Varela to see what to do,” explained the little angel.

more rial jorge rial facundo ambrosioni
Jorge Rial, More and Facundo at Francesco’s baby shower. (Photo: PEOPLE)

rial broke the silence and denied the information: “It never even crossed my mind. it’s crazy“. At the same time, he came out at the crossroads of Alejandro Cipolla, his daughter’s lawyer: “Cipolla, the one who fired L-Gante?… Well, L-Gante is in prison for him. And I hope my daughter doesn’t end up like this. Not just for this boy. For other people around.

In the midst of rumors of romance between her and her lawyer, More He came out to defend him on his Instagram account. “Attacking my lawyer Alejandro Cipolla is not going to stop me from continuing in search of Justice! Are you going to try to admit me? Legal muzzle? Criminal complaints? I am no longer afraid of you!“, he wrote forcefully.

“This, as always, is the subject of Jorge and Morena. I didn’t get in before, less am I going to get in now. I have my life and theirs are problems that they will have to solve in their family,” he said. Facundo Ambrosionithe father of More Rial’s son, in communication with City Magazine.

I am very worried about the life of my son. I take care of my son and I only look for his well-being, that he have a healthy life, a routine, love, support, and, above all, an education and teaching. It is for this very reason that I have been fighting for the custody of my son.“, revealed. However, he maintained that he is not planning anything with his former father-in-law.

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