Now the sport of social networks is to follow the daily life of the actress Amber Heardwho was ex-partner of Johnny Depp and protagonist of a trial against him that generated much controversy.

After losing the legal battle, paying the actor a million dollars and starting a new life in SpainLittle by little, she is not only recovering her job as an actress, but she is again being a protagonist on the network.

The latest on Heard is simply a dance, a party outing and that forced idea of ​​relating it to someone, of finding new daily adventures and, even better, if they are twisted or viral. This is not the case.

Precisely, a video was released in which the actress appears dancing with a man named Bernardo Triana. “Mi flor” by Selena Quintanilla was playing and Heard looked happy. Internet users rubbed their hands with joy at the thought that Triana was their partner.

But none of that, Triana is actually part of the production team of lThe actress’s new film: In the Fire, which incidentally must be said to have been filmed in Cartagena and tells of the battle of a scientist against the beliefs of a population at the beginning of the 19th century. In fact, the dancer revealed that she sent him a video message greeting him and blowing him a kiss.

Give context: Amber Heard, Johnny Depp’s ex-partner, filmed a movie in Cartagena

The Italian production has already premiered in Europe and is having a tour of Festivals, with Amber Heard as its official ambassador. She wants to step aside from her scandals and continue acting.

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While Bernardo Triana takes advantage and shows his photos with the star with the message: Hello, I introduce myself, I am the mysterious young Latino who danced with Amber Heard, perhaps to get rid of speculation about a night of dancing, a supposed message from an actress after the party and to emphasize that they were co-workers and they liked each other. Although a little followers and visits to Triana’s Instagram are not bad for her.



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