Karol G and Feid are two of the most viral and recognized Colombian artists in recent months, Reggaeton singers have achieved global success that has catapulted them to the top of the playlists of various music platforms.

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In addition, Colombian artists They have been protagonists both on and off stage, Since in recent weeks, there has been speculation about a possible love relationship between the two urban music singers.

Since last year, both Karol G and Feid have been closer than on other occasions, mutually collaborating on some hits from their albums and showing their outings in Medellín and other cities around the world on social networks. These are some of the reasons cited by the ‘pink press’ for the alleged relationship between both singers from Antioquia.

Karol G is linked to Feid in a love relationship.

Doubles cause confusion in social networks

In the last days, two young people went viral through the TikTok platform, where they appeared very close together and imitating Karol G and Feid. At first glance, several users believed that it was the two Colombian singers, but after looking closely at the video, they managed to discover that they were two people very similar to Antioquia.

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The woman who looks like Karol G, appeared in the video singing the lyrics of the song ‘Friki’ recorded by both artists. In addition, she wears the distinctive red hair color that the ‘Bichota’ currently has and the loose clothing that the ‘paisa’ sometimes wears.

While ‘Ferxxo’, He is with his characteristic glasses, a green cap (Feid’s distinctive color) a wide jacket and shorts; accessories that are very common in the concerts of the urban music singer.

Although it is not the only video that both young people star in on social networks, since they have several clips dancing and singing the hits of Feid and Karol G.


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