Ininterviewed by Fer Dente -en his program, through the channell America, Night al Dente-, Zaira Nara made several confessions. The model was recounted different moments of her life in a small review that the driver did, until she came to a strange memory of a gift that the model received. The young woman assured that it all started with the presentation of her brand, when a fan gave her a mysterious package.

“A boy comes and gives me a gift of the two hundred thousand that they gave me that day, I was already nervous, and I opened them all at the moment. I open it and suddenly I see a wooden arena and I look at it and we peed laughing Because I thought it was something else, but it was a kitchen roll holder. Obviously I took it with me” began by counting the model.

Before finishing the anecdote, he wanted to put the driver in context a bit, explaining the beginning of the situation. “We were in Montevideo, I was very excited because it was the presentation of my brand, but when I am very nervous I seem drunk and I had to go to a pharmacy where it was made and everything was very high” assured.

then continued “I went into the pharmacy where the presentation was being made and I was looking for my sector and I couldn’t find it. I imagined a Kardashian-type presentation and my stand was super small, I had to bend down and I told my partner that they were garcas, because The photo they sent me looked different.” he confessed between laughs.

Zaira Naira recalled a beautiful anecdote from her childhood with her parents Nora Colosimo and Andrés Nara

Zaira Nara with a transparent look.  Photo file
Zaira Nara wore an impressive look on the Fer Dente program

The model and host Zaira Nara was visiting the program Fer Dente where were you reviewing “the record of your life” as usual with his guests. This section of the program will bring the most intimate memories of celebrities to light, and in this case, Zaira he remembered his childhood with his sister Wanda Nara and his parents.

She assured that the music takes her to a nice Sunday memory together to Nora Colosimo and Andrés Nara that managed to move everyone. “I remember a plan very punctually, that now that I’m a mom I understand them, when they didn’t have anything to do with us they would put us in the car on Sundays and my dad would put the CD’s on the entire Bee Gees album” started counting.

“I remember that at that time we lived in Libertador and we toured all of Libertador and perhaps if they had done well they would buy us an ice cream, how could the plan have an upgrade, if it was not just listening to music in the car” confessed the model, who remembered those days, long before the fame and luxury that the family lives today.

Then he explained what days were like at home when he saw his parents working. “Dad worked, he was a car salesman, a salesman, an agent, he bullies you and sells you everything. We both inherited that, that is, I am a rebecca and I really like working and selling. I really like producing my things, all the time. time I’m looking for things to do” hill.

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