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  • October 19, 2022

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  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a video speech that evening, “The fact that Russia asked Iran for help is nothing less than the Kremlin’s acknowledgment of its military and political bankruptcy.”

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    “For decades they spent billions of dollars on the military-industrial complex and finally submitted to Tehran in order to have enough drones and missiles,” the Ukrainian president summed up.

    He pointed out that Iran’s weapons will not help the Russian leader carry out its plans against Ukraine, reports news.b.

    Zelensky: Russia Destroyed 30% of Ukraine’s Power Plants in a Week

    “From a strategic point of view, this does not help anything. But now, at the tactical level, the Russian terrorists may still have some hopes and calculations. All this , like their previous plans, would collapse,” recalled Zelensky.

    At the same time, he urged Ukrainians to reduce their electricity consumption, especially during peak hours.

    Earlier on Tuesday, the Ukrainian president said nearly a third of the country’s power plants had shut down since Oct. 10 as a result of the Russian strike.

    In his evening speech, Zelensky praised, among other things, the achievements of the German IRIS-T air defense system recently delivered to Ukraine.

    “Thanks also to our partners, all those who help us in the field of air defense and missile defense. For example, the German IRIS-T works very well. It is a really effective system ‘ said the president.

    Earlier, the Ukrainian military announced that Germany’s first IRIS-T system was operating in the south. In the future, Germany plans to hand over three more such systems to Ukraine.

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    Zelensky: Kremlin – bankruptcy! Russia seeks help from Iran – EU –

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