Whether you currently live in your dream house or you’re still dreaming of that house, every zodiac sign has a home style that captures their sense of design and comfort. If you’re innovative enough to style the architecture of your house with astrology in mind, it may be what takes your home from a cave to a castle.

If the idea of ​​being able to afford your dream house seems farfetched to begin with, there’s no reason you can’t start manifesting now. Set aside the news of skyrocketing interest rates and endless inflation for a moment. Give yourself permission to pine over palatial estates and drool over decadent dwellings. It may seem unattainable today, but that doesn’t mean your idea of ​​luxury living will be unattainable tomorrow.

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Growing up, I used to collect real estate catalogs for high-end locations all around Southern California, dreaming of the mansion I would buy one day. It’s easy to understand why, as the promise of a gorgeous house in your favorite architectural style, situated in your favorite neighborhood in your dream city, seems as though it could solve all your problems. Plus, my Mercury is in Taurus.

Because your taste in home decor and architecture can be incredibly personal, there’s a chance you may not relate to the house that’s designated for your sun sign. If that’s the case, you also have your moon sign—which rules over home and comfort—as well as your Venus sign, Mercury sign, and of course, your rising sign to consider. After all, when you drive down a street that’s lined with houses of the same architectural style, you’ll find residents that were born under all sorts of different zodiac signs. That’s one reason why astrology is so much deeper and complex than your sun sign.

Here’s what each zodiac sign’s ideal humble—or not so humble—abode would look like:

Every Zodiac Sign Has a Dream House


Aries: Contemporary

Aries is the champion of the zodiac, always wanting to prove their status as best of the best. With a sleek contemporary home lined with sliding glass window and steel framework, they’re letting everyone know their house is brand new and completely in line with the latest housing trends. You value innovative minimalism with a classy modern flavor, as it is masculine, maintenance, and highly impressive, which is just to a Mars-ruled Aries’ liking. Bonus points if it has an infinity pool that glows in the night.


Taurus: American Craftsman

In astrology, Taurus is often associated with the purchase of real estate and the design of your home. After all, this luxurious earth sign is ruled by Venus, the goddess of beauty and material things. Regardless, a Taurus wants a home that is cozy, sturdy, and natural. The American craftsman style house emerged in the early 20th century when the public grew tired of pretentious Victorian ornamentation. This style is both nostalgic and classic, as it prizes organic materials and values ​​designs inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement.


Gemini: Victorian/Edwardian

If there’s one zodiac sign that doesn’t mind coming off as pretentious or highfalutin, it’s Gemini. That’s why every Gemini secretly has a dream of living in the most colorful, whimsical, and historical Victorian. Whether it be a cross-gabled Queen Anne or the contemporary twist of a Painted Lady in San Francisco, a Gemini would love nothing more than a house that also doubles as a living, breathing museum. Endlessly quirky and eager to share ghost stories over dinner parties, a Gemini would thrive in a Victorian or Edwardian manor.


Cancer: Cottage

Every Cancer dreams of their own cozy cottage that’s been taken straight out of an old folk tale. After all, Cancers are ruled by the crab, which means they live for decorating their tiny shell to perfection. Cancers don’t need a mansion that’s often cold, empty, and lonely. Instead, they much prefer the company of family and friends in a snug living room over a crackling fire. Reminiscent of old medieval villages or stony shacks on fairy tale beaches, a cottage surrounded by an herbal garden will make a Cancer feel right at home.


Leo: Mediterranean

Heavily influenced by the coastal architecture of Spain and Italy, a Leo would love nothing more than their own Mediterranean-style beachside villa. This fixed fire sign thrives in the summer, which means they prefer to spend time outdoors under bright blue skies. This style of home is marked by red tiles, stucco, and expansive archways, which is more than enough to make Leo feel like the queen of the house. Plus, this regal style of home is designed to bring in cool air without sacrificing proximity to the sun.

Virgo: Midcentury Modern

No zodiac sign is more geared for functionality and practicality than a Virgo. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t value beauty, precision, and nostalgic finishing touches that linger in your imagination. The midcentury modern house gained popularity after WWII, when design trends moved towards minimalism, open floor plans, and large windows that allow the backyard space to merge with the interior. With a classic midcentury modern house—like the ones found all over Palm Springs, California—a trendy Virgo can feel like they’re living in their own episode of Mad Men.


Pound: French Provincial

A Venus-ruled Libra wants a house that’s beautiful. Period. And with a French provincial style home, they’ll find a house that combines style and regality with the airy space to host friends and family over the years. This architectural movement gained popularity in the United States after World War I, when American soldiers returned with an admiration for French design. Marked by its stone walls, stately turrets, and subtle finishing touches, you might recognize this chateau-inspired home from The Sopranosas Tony and Carmela’s New Jersey manor exemplifies this style.


Scorpio: Revival Town

When it comes to design, a Scorpio always prefers the real, authentic thing. No contemporary architectural style is more inherently North American than Pueblo Revival, as it is based on the adobe dwellings of Pueblo peoples and Spanish missions of the Southwest. This is a home that is built to survive even the hottest and harshest climates and Scorpios were born to withstand extremes. Plus, an enigmatic Scorpio loves that this style of house—which is most popular in New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado—is designed to blend into the desert mountains.


Sagittarius: Shotgun House

If Sagittarius had a motto, it would probably be “the more, the merrier”. Of course a Sag would appreciate the way the shotgun houses of the American south allows the maximum number of houses on a lot and allows more residents to experience spacious living. Found primarily in New Orleans, shotgun houses are known for their brightly colorful exteriors and their innovative floor plans allow for cross-breezes to keep the house cool during sweltering summers. Plus, it encourages a community-oriented vibe in the neighborhood without sacrificing square footage.


Capricorn: Georgian Colonial

A Capricorn knows that the home you live in sends a message to the rest of the world. And because a Capricorn values ​​tradition, stability, and enviable affluence. What style of architecture captures that better than the impressive Georgian Colonial, which came to popularity during the 18th century. Characterized by its eye-catching symmetry, brick walls, elegant proportions, and classic window panes, these mansions scream old money. It’s also the type of house that looks best surrounded by snow and glimmering with Christmas lights, which is exactly the Capricorn vibe.


Aquarius: Asian

If you’re heavily influenced by Aquarius, you know you love the idea of ​​living in a house that sets itself apart from all the others. You also care about things like minimizing your carbon footprint and living in harmony with nature. The Asian and Japanese style of architecture prioritizes unique roofing, geometric designs, and a flourishing garden. With so much going on in the Aquarian mind, they’ll also appreciate the way this style comes with extensive storage, allowing for a clean and minimalist space that is not devoid of life. It’s also the best design for a babbling koi fish pond in the backyard.


Pisces: Cape Cod

If you’re a Pisces, you know you would do almost anything to live near the beach. However, you’re also a romantic homebody, which means you vibe with the Cape Cod style of home. This classic coastal beach house is characterized by wooden shingles, side-gabled roofs, and a deck that stretches out towards the water. Just pictures yourself waking up to the sound of crashing waves and making yourself a cup of coffee as the salty wind rustles around you. Are you home already?

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