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Joe Rogan UFO Podcast

Joe Rogan’s podcast is one of the most popular in the world, with millions of listeners. He has interviewed a wide range of guests, from celebrities to scientists to politicians. In recent years, Rogan has become increasingly interested in the topic of UFOs, and he has devoted several episodes of his podcast to the subject.

Rogan’s interest in UFOs began in 2019, when he interviewed former CIA officer Jim Semivan. Semivan told Rogan about his experiences investigating UFO sightings, and he claimed that the government was covering up the truth about UFOs. Rogan was intrigued by Semivan’s story, and he began to do his own research on the topic.

In the years since, Rogan has interviewed a number of other guests who have claimed to have seen UFOs or who have worked on government UFO investigations. These guests have included former Navy pilots, scientists, and government officials. Rogan has also discussed the topic of UFOs with his regular guests, such as comedian Duncan Trussell and author Graham Hancock.

Rogan’s UFO podcasts have been controversial, with some listeners accusing him of promoting conspiracy theories. However, Rogan has defended his interest in the topic, saying that he is simply trying to make sense of the available evidence. He has also said that he believes that the government is hiding the truth about UFOs from the public.

Whether or not you believe in UFOs, there is no denying that Rogan’s podcasts on the topic have been fascinating. He has brought together a wide range of experts and witnesses to discuss the subject, and he has helped to raise awareness of the issue. It remains to be seen whether Rogan’s podcasts will ultimately lead to any new revelations about UFOs, but they have certainly sparked a lot of discussion and debate.