After the commissioning of the new utah state lawwhich has been in force since May 2, forces websites that offer pornography to verify the age of users every time they enter the application.

Residents of the state of Utah have shown despair, so the application ‘PornHub’ blocked access to users in this region of the United Stateswhich is why searches and attempts to enter the VPN have increased significantly.

The law promoted by former Governor Gary Herbert, compares the consumption of pornography with the consumption of drugs and liquor, ensuring that it is a “public health crisis”.

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Pornhub is an internet pornography website based in Montreal, Canada.

The purpose of this law, which comes into operation in the Spencer Cox’s tenure -Republican Party- is to reduce the use of this type of applications in minors and obliges suppliers to request verification through a “digital identification card”which is previously approved by the Utah government.

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However, the ‘PornHub’ app that It has more than 130 million daily users worldwide, decided to block access to the platform in the state of Utah, replacing the content of the application with a video Cherie DeVille -porn actress and erotic model- who in 2017 announced her campaign for the presidency of the United States.

“While security and compliance are in the forefront of our mission, give your verification card every time you want to visit a platform for adults is not the most effective solution to protect our users and in fact, it will put children and their privacy at risk,” says the renowned model in the video.

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Utah platform users have shown concern about the decision of the application, using the VPN -virtual private network-, to access the platform.


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